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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Part Time Stories

So, my week off from work to do freelance/comic work was a huge success. I redesigned my own site, launched my T-Shirt line, and the bit I'm most proud of...

I started Part Time Stories, my year long online comic site. It starts with Thirsty, written by Marc Bryant, and will continue through out the year with stories from a bunch of writers.

I have 3 more stories besides this one ready to go (older stories I have had ready for the web since I thought up this project) and 4 more scripts as of today. I have two more stories I want to put together in my head, so that works out to be 9 stories in various stages as of launch time.

It'll be a heck of an experiment to pull this off, but to tie this in with the purpose to the purpose of the blog, it is a large effort of productivity and page creation, with deadlines and whole nine yards

Part Time Stories, one year of short stories. Here we go!


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Colin Tedford said...

Good job! The comic and site look nice, and I like the proposed update schedule.

Good luck!


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