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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Unproductive Dog Days

Holy crap, what a summer.

Rapid-fire freelance design work, an incredibly busy time at the day job, plus an sinus infection that last three months (THREE MONTHS!), has added up to make my comic productivity drop to negative numbers.

3 pages on one Part Time Story (that's 42 pages long), 1 page on another, some sketches on the next print project, and that's about it. Ugh.

Now that I'm wrapping up all those above items, hopefully I can back on track. It makes it tough to get back on the wagon when you fall off though.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Liz (Baillie) said...

I fell off the comics wagon not once, but twice, and for TWO YEARS at a time. I can relate. However, once you get back into a rhythm that's comfortable for you, you can work up a storm. I got back into things most recently (about 9 months ago) by starting with a short, 5-page story. Once I finished that, I moved on to my longer project(s). I suggest the short story to begin with because it will allow you to feel like you accomplished something. You can work and work on a longer story but if you don't actually FINISH something now and again, well, it's much easier to fall off the wagon because you don't feel that same sense of completion and accomplishment. Give yourself deadlines - that helps me, too. Good luck!

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

As I'm sure..we all suffer from the non- productives. It's a hated part of the creative process, but sometimes a necesscary one.I think that when you get bogged down, it's your brains way or saying..." take a break ". That doesn't really mean to stop be creative though..just turn your aim towards something else ..least wise until the block clears up. To do this, I use a program called Bryce 3-D. It's pretty old, but then most of my programs are. This one allows for me to create objects in space..adding textures..different angles and colors.It's really fun to use and I have produced some wickedly good pics. To me, this keeps me in the mood to continue to create. I know that there are those out there who feel that because of impending should not deviate from the task at hand..but it sure does help me..and I think anything that helps to continue and promote the creative process can't be all bad. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


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