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Friday, September 22, 2006

Starting new projects

So my buddy Marc and I are putting together our next project, and I'm working on my initial effort into writing/drawing my own book.

I work in a very "cart before the horse" method. As a designer, I work up logo designs, page layouts, and design elements before I even touch art. For some reason, this puts my brain in to a certain tone which works its way in to the art of a book.

For example, I'm hoping to convince Marc to work with me on a sci-fi concept he has, so I started playing with logos and research type treatments bases around the central concept. This makes me think of sci-fi and ways to push the design, which makes me want to push my art in various directions.

How do you start up new projects? Do painters start with new techniques? Illustrators do hundreds of sketches?


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Liz (Baillie) said...

I usually do a bunch of character sketches and sketchy comic pages of the first scenes I think up. Or thumbnails. Basically I do sketches of whatever I think of first and then I see where that goes. Sometimes I also try different inking tools over the sketches to see how different tools and styles look.

At 8:19 AM, Anonymous The Masked Retriever said...

Since about five years ago, I've kept every sketch book I've ever filled, which at this point fills up about two -point-three feet of real estate on my bookshelf.

The constant sketching tends to "pool up" around different ideas; a character will sugguest a place, a set of panels drawn to capture a few moments of imagined action will sugguest a larger story, and so on.

Sometimes I'll flip through older sketchbooks and (wincing occasionally at bad art) I'll see a character idea I'd forgotten and decide to spin it out into something bigger.

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous rick said...

Since I'm primarily a visually-oriented person, I tend to start out with a sketch or three -- whether it's a web site, illustration, or script. I just find it easier to get in the right frame of mind with a picture in front of me, even if it never makes an appearance in the final "product".

And like the masked retriever, I keep all of my sketches -- no matter how terrible. Some writers keep a notebook with potential ideas written in them (something that I've started doing recently, as well), and later they go back and just sift through all the stuff they've jotted down, mining it for ideas... My sketches are the same sort of resource.

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Alison said...

I'm a big planner. I write out scripts, do thumbnail sketches, figure out what format the comic will be printed, talk about the idea with friends --- basically get the idea as solid and finished as I can get it, before I ever put pencil to paper to draw the actual comic. Unfortunately, by then I'm usually tired of the idea and ready to latch onto another. I'm attempting to go with a more "by the seat of my pants" approach to hopefully keep the spark alive in my projects.


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