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Monday, June 05, 2006

Circle-T Trade Buttons Are Here!

Hey guys, just wanted to let all those interested in getting their hands on one or more buttons with the circle-T, trading-friendly logo on them - I got 'em! I'll be wearing mine at all the events and parties and whatnot for MoCCA and I'll be carrying a bunch with me to give out. The idea is that I'm going to give a few to everyone that wants one, so that anyone who wants one can get one for free from anyone else wearing one. You can also stop by my table at MoCCA - I'll be at table A66, in the big back room, armed with plenty of copies of my comic for trade (I'm making xeroxed-cover editions just for trading - my regular ones for sale are of the semi-fancy, silkscreened cover variety). I had 100 buttons made; I hope it's enough!