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Monday, July 03, 2006

well, here is....

Make Comics Forever!!

I wanted to thank Robyn for alowing me an entry into her little circle here, which she didnt have to do. I hope you all take a look at the cartoons I am posting up on blogger and tell me anything which you think, either way. I love comix, of all sorts, and used to look for penthouses as a kid, literally, just to find the dirty cartoons of a brunette named wanda, to try to duplicate on xerox paper I stole from the school mimeograph room. I knew something was up when I spent more time drawing a playmate named Patty Farinelli than I did ogling her, and her image is still in my works. But playboy sold out to the smurfettes with blond hair and fake boobs long ago, as did comics become as dull as frank millers dishwater. Anyway, i am glad to participate here. I will trade books with anybody willing to read my ....stuff.


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