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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I'm having a mini-epiphany tonight: STAND UP AND DRAW COMICS!!!

I have a bad back from 6 years as a scenic carpenter (I'm tall and lanky, which is a bad build for working on your knees all day and slinging around sheets of plywood). And sitting all the time drawing Comics doesn't help that. I do stretches in the morning (sit ups! strengthen those stomach muscles which support your back!) and sometimes I wear a back-brace to help me sit up straight, but I'm still often in a lot of pain. Tonight was one of those nights....

SO. I own an Alvin Fold-A-Matic drafting board, which is just about my favorite thing in the world. It can acheive 0 degrees flat horizontal and 90 degrees straight vertical (plus everything in between) at a range of heights. And I found long ago, that keeping my drafting table "steep" helps me NOT hunch over the board, so my back doesn't hurt as much.

But then tonight I realized I could even adjust the table so I am STANDING UP while I was drawing! It was super comfortable and I drew for 3 hours straight without any back pain. I'm sure after a while it would hurt to be on your feet, but I now know I can switch back and forth. If other people have bad backs, they should give this a try! You can probably rig something up with your boards or with a sheet of plywood or something.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Starting new projects

So my buddy Marc and I are putting together our next project, and I'm working on my initial effort into writing/drawing my own book.

I work in a very "cart before the horse" method. As a designer, I work up logo designs, page layouts, and design elements before I even touch art. For some reason, this puts my brain in to a certain tone which works its way in to the art of a book.

For example, I'm hoping to convince Marc to work with me on a sci-fi concept he has, so I started playing with logos and research type treatments bases around the central concept. This makes me think of sci-fi and ways to push the design, which makes me want to push my art in various directions.

How do you start up new projects? Do painters start with new techniques? Illustrators do hundreds of sketches?