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Friday, January 19, 2007

Carrot & Stick

Finishing a comics page is of course its own delightful reward, but if you are having trouble sitting down and doing the work, it may help to use extra incentives.

I decided the other day to tie my comics-buying budget to my comics production. For each page I finish, I set aside a little money (amount varies depending on page size & etc.). I am only allowing myself to buy comics with this set-aside money, so if I don't make comics, I don't get to buy comics. You can pick arbitrary amounts like $2 for a mini-page & $4 for digest-size, or set your rates with unnecessary formulas like I did. You can also adjust your rates to help set priorities (more $ for the non-paying piece you promised to someone for a deadline, etc).

I'm hoping this will also encourage me to budget better in general...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Techniques and secrets!

One thing that I love about artists/comics creators blogs lately is the trend of technique discussion. Lots of "to do this, I do this", and I eat that stuff up with a spoon. With the crowd gathered here for Make Comics Forever!! I think we have a great chance to share some techniques with each other and our faithful readers. Plus it's easy stuff to blog about and can really help all us comic creators out.

Let's pull back the curtain a bit, and I'll start with a post on lettering balloons in Illustrator this week. I've been reading more indy books lately and the balloons in the books are driving me CRAZY. Not a lot of variation in shape, and really awkward arrows. As a designer I guess I'm extra sensitive to that sort of thing, so it's something I can speak too.

You game, gang?