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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Do It and Screw It! (what's your motto?)

"Do it and screw it" is a phrase I heard from my friend, super-cartoonist Vanessa Davis. I think it comes form her mom. It just means stop worrying and get on with it! Do it!

Also there's "When in doubt, black it out." That's from my former professor and current boss James Sturm. It's just a practical recommendation when designing a panel. James would probably agree that Tom Hart's "When in doubt, use tracing paper" is more helpful. Tracing paper"s such a great tool, it can save you from ruining a drawing.

Then there's "Make every moment a working moment." That's from K Thor Jenson. Thor has been producing comics steadily since he was a teenager. He's an advocate for drawing whenever you can, like on the subway. Your sketchbook: don't leave home without it!

Welcome to Make Comics Forever!!

This blog and it's name are inspired by a speech my friend Alec Longstreth gave when he accepted his Best Mini Comic Ignatz Award. Alec's philosophies on work and productivity have been very inspirational to me. I want to work harder and I hope this blog will help me. I hope it will help you too.
In the spirit of NOT WASTING TIME I'll stop writing now. But please, share your ideas here!